If cancelling within 24 hours of placing your booking you will receive a full refund of the 10% deposit. Please note, the 24 hour period begins when you place your initial booking.

Cancellation after this period incurs cancellation fees, depending on how far in advance you cancel. Please read more about the cancellation fees in our terms and conditions.

Please email info@theyachtweek.com to request cancellation.

If it is just you that can no longer attend, but the yacht is not being cancelled, then any refund to you should be discussed internally within your crew. The Yacht Week cannot make individual refunds since your crew needs to pay for the yacht in full, no matter how many people there are on it so you will need to resolve this issue within your crew.

You can try to find someone to fill your spot by using our Facebook Crew finder page. Alternatively, your lead booker can open your yacht on Crew Finder to advertise your spot. Once you find someone to replace you, you must arrange payment/refund between yourselves. We cannot refund you for someone else to make the payment.